May 2016

May: Establishment Meeting

On May 13, 2016, AMVESINDO's first founding members held a Formation Meeting. Attending this event was Mr. Dumoli Pardede (Deputy Commissioner of OJK IKNB II)

August: IFFC

At IFFC Indonesia Fintech Festival & Conference, AMVESINDO signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SVCA to establish the ASEAN Venture Capital Council. The event was also attended by Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

September: FGD Fintech OJK

AMVESINDO participated in the FGD with OJK regarding Fintech and the role of Venture Capital in this industry.

October: Mandiri Incubator Meetup x AMVESINDO

AMVESINDO together with several educational startups held a meetup discussing the topics of fund raising and entrepreneurship at the Mandiri Business Incubator office, Jakarta.

November: Establishment of BI Fintech Office

Some AMVESINDO member startups (eg Warren / Cashlez and Ibnu / Wallet Sehat) participated as panelists in the Launching of BI Fintech Office. In addition, venture capital members of AMVESINDO enliven the speed dating event between investors and Fintech startups.

November: ASEAN VC Council Meetup

In the same month, AMVESINDO also hosted the ASEAN VC Council quarterly gathering held in Jakarta at the SMDV office. The event was attended by several regional venture capital (Singapore and Malaysia).

November: Breakfast Meeting AMVESINDO

Starting in November, AMVESINDO held a routine bi-weekly activity in the form of a breakfast meeting. The event aims to gather stakeholders in the industry and build a better dialogue to advance the industry.

December: MOU with Tapanuli University

Together with OJK, AMVESINDO (Jefri Sirait - Chair and Timmy T - Fintech Compartment) spoke at the Startup Company Development Seminar and Financing through Venture Capital by the OJK (Financial Services Authority) in collaboration with AMVESINDO and UNITA.

December: MOU with Tapanuli University

The event was followed up with an MoU between the association with the University to increase the capability of university graduates to be ready to face in the digital economy.

December: Seminar @ IDX

AMVESINDO represented Edward (Bendahara) as a speaker at a seminar on the Indonesian Capital Market. In this event brokers are invited to explore the world of digital startup and its potential.

December: Breakfast Meeting AMVESINDO

AMVESINDO's routine program which is held biweekly this time presents academics who are close to the SME business. We talked casually about the role and challenges of SMEs and Venture Capital.