Inspiring Stories

Since 2013, PT DMS has served more than 450,000 microfinance customers and has disbursed a total loan of more than IDR 387 billion. Not only providing help to develop micro businesses, what DMS does also has a positive impact to our customers’ living standards. The same positive impact is also experienced by our employees, which is made up of approximately 900 people.

Here are their stories.

Gita Nanda

Although Gita holds the status of a new employee, Gita is always eager to face the rigors of life and eager to reach her goals. This makes Gita able to show brilliant performance. Thanks to his hard work and achievements, in less than 2 years he was promoted to Unit Manager.

Another thing that supported Gita’s performance was the support of his Unit Manager during his time as AO. For him, the UM was the best mentor while she worked at PT Dana Mandiri Sejahtera.

The message he conveyed “Something simple that does not look expensive in front of her, but looks expensive in it. Likewise with the mandate, although simple in our eyes, but very valuable in the eyes of those who deliver”.

Ega Juariah

It all started in 2014, when Ega experienced very difficult economic conditions. As a single parent, Ega struggles and tries hard to support his children and family.

As a junior high school graduate who then continued his education through package C, Ega was very grateful for being accepted to work by PT. Dana Mandiri Sejahtera (PT DMS) as an Account Officer.

Ibu Kanih

Kanih, a small kiosk owner in Solear, Tangerang has been a customer of PT DMS since 2015. Ever since her first loan of IDR 3,000,000, she has received loans five times.

Erna Lisnawati

Even though she had no work experience, she was very interested in the job as she thinks it suits her personality and abilities. Despite being a new employee, she displayed hard work, loyalty, and brilliant performance, which led her to being promoted as Unit Manager of the Bandung branch in November 2017.

Ibu Dede Jubaedah

Dede Jubaedah is a street food vendor based in Cianjur who has become a customer of DMS since 2014. After hearing about the DMS scholarship program, Ibu Dede immediately submitted a scholarship application for her daughter, Yani Mulyani, who attended vocational high school.