Inspiring Stories

Since 2013, PT DMS has served more than 510.337 microfinance customers and has disbursed a total loan of more than IDR 2.166 Trillion+. Not only providing help to develop micro businesses, what DMS does also has a positive impact to our customers’ living standards. The same positive impact is also experienced by our employees, which is made up of approximately 588 people.

Here are their stories.

Asti Febriyanti

Asti Febriyanti started working toward independence 12 years ago. The prospect of employment as field staff looked to be a plus for her as she set out on his quest to achieve her objective. Jobs that she had never before imagined, such as going to villages, meeting new people, enduring the heat, battling the rain, and many other things.

Ibu Kanih

Kanih, a small kiosk owner in Solear, Tangerang has been a customer of PT DMS since 2015. Ever since her first loan of IDR 3,000,000, she has received loans five times.

Elvina Amalia Salsabillah

Nurhasanah is a micro entrepreneur who pioneered her own small garment manufacturing business without help from her family. Her husband, who works as a vegetable seller, encouraged her to help improve the family’s economy.

Ibu Dede Jubaedah

Dede Jubaedah is a street food vendor based in Cianjur who has become a customer of DMS since 2014. After hearing about the DMS scholarship program, Ibu Dede immediately submitted a scholarship application for her daughter, Yani Mulyani, who attended vocational high school.